Photos of this Husky Raised by Cats is Just What the Internet Ordered


This cute little Husky mix was adopted at 2-years-old. As a puppy, however, she was raised with cats. And as a result, this little girl has some very funny habits…


This is my box. If I could write, I would hang a sign that said “no dogs allowed.” I’m not interested in them at all. Even on walks.



This is my spy stance. I am ready to strike at any moment should the need arise.



This is my belly. Do not scratch it. I will sigh until you stop.



This position is my favorite. It’s good for napping, getting up to pounce very fast, and for just lounging in general.



Here I am observing from under the table, front paws securely tucked into my belly.



I also like to lay like this while I bird and squirrel watch out the window.



This little Husky is too funny!