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The Reason Why This Loving Dad is Taking Pictures of His Son Flying Will Melt Your Heart. Big Time.

When the Lawrence family learned that their fifth child, William, was born with Down syndrome, they did what many parents would do. They went to the internet to learn more about it.

What they found was a great deal of discouraging medical information with far too few inspiring or encouraging personal experiences. That’s when they knew there was a need for more positive messages about Down syndrome.

As KSL TV reports, the family soon realized that little “Wil” had a lot to teach their family, about love, life, and about seeing the potential in everyone.

“My wife was asking me why I was crying so much… and at that point she said what I needed to hear,” William’s father Alan Lawrence tells KSL.

“She told me that our son was going to be such a huge blessing to our family and was going to help us grow in areas that we probably didn’t know we needed to.”

Alan Lawrence started a blog and began posting pictures and videos of William. As William learned to crawl and move, the family joked that he looked like he was trying to fly.

She usually has him bring her the princess books. #wilcanfly #downsyndromeawareness #downsyndrome

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And why shouldn’t he? Through composite photographs, William “flies” all around their house and neighborhood.

But the Lawrence family isn’t done yet. They want to show Wil just how limitless his world is.

“As I was thinking about this photo, it really kind of hit me that he really can fly,” Alan said.

“He really can fly. He’s still young, but we know as family that Wil can do anything that he puts his mind to.”

The family has begun a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of creating a “Wil Can Fly” calendar that will continue to spread their message as well as help support two Foundations that help those with Down syndrome.

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“We want to show the world that you can have a happy life with a child with Down Syndrome,” the family writes on their Kickstarter page. “We don’t have to give up all the things we love to do as a family because Wil has Down Syndrome. He helps us slow down and find the joy in life.”

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