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He Only Wanted A Dollar for Some Food. What A Stranger Does Instead Catches Him Completely Off Guard.

When Alex Camarillo went truck shopping earlier this month, he had no idea a simple act of kindness while getting a bite to eat would turn him into a viral star.

Camarillo tells KHOU 11 News he was grabbing lunch at Pizza Hut when he met Stanley Long, a homeless man, who asked him if he had any money to spare for food. But instead of giving Long a few bucks, he decided to invite him inside so they could eat lunch together.

Camarillo (left) left with Long (right).

Via Facebook / Alexis Camarillo

As the two talked over lunch, Camarillo learned that Long left the workforce to care for his sick mother, but when she passed away, he ended up on the streets.

“I grew up broke, I grew up in poverty, if you’re able to do it, why not help somebody out?” Camarillo told USA Today.

Camarillo, so touched by his new friend’s story, took him to a nearby store to buy him new clothes and shoes.

Via Facebook / Alexis Camarillo

After snapping a few pics of the experience, Camarillo shared his story on Facebook in hopes of inspiring similar actions in others:

“All I can say [is], if you have been blessed please help those in need. I’m sure if you were in need you would want someone to reach out and help.”

Post by Alexis Camarillo.

“This man showed me the true meaning of happiness and being grateful.” – Alex Camarillo

There’s no way of knowing when a small act of kindness can change a person’s life. Camarillo took a chance and made a connection with someone in need and now he’s inspiring others to do the same.