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A Couple of Buddies Devise A Plan to Go Wakeboarding Despite Lacking Everything Needed To Do It

When you have an old car hood, a couch, and some time on your hands, sometimes you just have to go… Couch surfing.

Yes. Couch surfing.

Justin Brooks explained on LiveLeak how their improvised wakeboarding session came about:

“This was just a normal weekend day out on the farm, we had a side by side, and chevy pickup hood, and a nice couch, the 3 of them looked like a good fun combination to put together. It took a few trial runs to get going a good speed, we finally had to tie the couch down so it wouldn’t slip off the hood. With some nice suits on we where finally ready for a good ride, and by the end of it the 3 of us where a bit dirty and ready for the shower as well as the camera too. ”

Those suits are definitely going to need a good wash.