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There Isn’t A Dry Eye When Police Officers Say A Final Farewell To Their Fellow Brother in Blue

There’s a strong tradition among law enforcement officers to show respect to those who have served with distinction when that service is ended. And that’s exactly what happened for Sultan, a K9 officer suffering from poor health, by the Yarmouth Police Department.

As the Dodo reports, a post on the Yarmouth PD Facebook tells Sultan’s story and salutes the career of a dog with, “a stellar reputation among Maine law enforcement.”

Sultan was able to enjoy two and a half years of retirement, cared for by South Portland Officer Shane Stephenson and his family. When Sultan’s health deteriorated, the police departments of south Maine ensured that their friend received the final honors he deserved. Members of the State Police, the Yarmouth Police, and ten other local police, law enforcement, and rescue departments escorted Sultan and Stephenson to the veterinarian’s office and lined the walkway to the door for a last salute.

“It was an extremely emotional time, but it was an honor to provide the detail to such a valued member of our department,” the Department said via Facebook, making its last tribute to Sultan a fitting one. “Good boy Sultan,” they wrote. “It was our honor to work with you.”